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Title Colorado Climate Action Plan: A Strategy to Address Global Warming
Author(s) Bill Ritter, JR
Publisher State of Colorado
Publisher Category State government
Year Published 2007
Resource Type Plan
Format PDF
Geographic Scope Colorado
Categories Adopted Plans and Programs (Federal, State and Local)
Summary The plan sets out measures that the state can adopt to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 20 percent by 2020, and makes a shared commitment with other states and nations to even deeper emissions cuts by 2050 It pushes energy efficiency measures that will reduce demand for electrical energy and lower utility bills; builds on the state’s recently expanded Renewable Portfolio Standard and looks for ways to develop renewable energy supplies even further; includes an ambitious goal for making cars and trucks run more cleanly and efficiently while saving consumers money at the pump; and provides a new opportunity for rural Colorado by creating economic incentives for major utilities and industries to pay farmers and ranchers to sequester more carbon in the soil.

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