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Title Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Climate Change Program
Publisher Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Publisher Category Regional government
Year Published
Resource Type Regional program
Format Web site
Geographic Scope Regional
Categories Adopted Plans and Programs (Federal, State and Local)
Summary The MWCOG Climate Change Program is one of the nation's first initiatives to address local greenhouse gas emissions on a regional level. While a growing number of individual cities and counties are moving forward to address climate change, this is one of the first programs to involve localities over an entire metropolitan area. The elected officials of the National Capital Region view this approach as one that will provide a catalyst for improving the environment. The MWCOG Board of Directors established the Climate Change Steering Committee (CCSC) to develop this new regional strategy. During its one-year tenure, the CCSC will consider a wide range of actions designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The committee is charged with pinpointing the local impacts of the emissions, and helping local governments decide how best to address the problem.

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