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Resource Details

Title La Plata Climate and Energy Action Plan
Publisher Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE)
Publisher Category Non-profit
Year Published
Resource Type Local program
Format Web site
Geographic Scope Colorado, Local
Categories Adopted Plans and Programs (Federal, State and Local)
Summary Having signed the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement, both La Plata County and the City of Durango resolved to develop a local climate and energy action plan with specific policies and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They tasked the Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency with providing an opportunity for local municipalities, utility companies and business to collaborate to create and deliver a regional climate and energy action plan, thereby avoiding duplication of effort and maximizing economies of scale. The La Plata Climate and Energy Action Plan project provides a concrete and systematic way for concerned citizens to volunteer and get involved right now in identifying the many ways, large and small, that the community, individuals, governments, businesses, and other groups can reduce greenhouse gasses throughout La Plata County.

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