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 CO Maintenance Plan


The Denver Metro Area Carbon Monoxide (CO) Redesignation Request and Maintenance Plan which was submitted by the Governor on May 10, 2000, was formally approved by the EPA Dece. 14, 2001 (effective date Jan. 14, 2002). In that action the Denver Metro Area was redesignated by the EPA from a "serious" CO non-attainment area to a CO attainment/maintenance area.

Attainment Maintenance Areas


The most recent revised CO maintenance plan for Denver was approved by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) on December 15, 2005. EPA approved the revised Denver CO Maintenance Plan, and it became effective on October 16, 2007.

The maintenance plan contains the following control measures to demonstrate maintenance of the CO standards through 2021:

1. Federal tailpipe standards and regulations, including those for small engines and non-road mobile sources.

2. AQCC Regulation* No. 4 - covering residential wood burning control programs.

3. AQCC Regulations No. 3, No. 6 and Common Provisions - covering industrial source control programs.

4. In accordance with State and federal regulations and policies, the State and federal nonattainment New Source Review (NSR) requirements in effect for the Denver area reverted to the State and federal attainment Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permitting requirements once EPA approved the redesignation request and maintenance plan.

* For details about the AQCC Regulations, refer to http://www.cdphe.state.co.us/regulations/airregs/

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