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 Denver Regional Data Consortium


Vision Statement


To support informed decision making in the Denver region by organizing, developing, maintaining, sharing, enhancing and distributing regional data. All organizations that are willing to collaborate are welcome as participants.

Data Summits


DRCOG hosts an annual Regional Data Summit where consortium members share their work and year-end findings with the larger Denver metropolitan region’s GIS community and gain insight into new collaborative opportunities heading into the next calendar year. It’s also an opportunity for new members to join the consortium and get involved directly. All participants at the data summit help guide the next year’s efforts through small-group strategic planning sessions. The links below offer resources from each summit including keynote addresses, presentations, contact information, and summit outcomes.


DRDC employment density

Agendas, presentations, and notes from the Denver Regional Data Consortium meetings are available on the meetings page.

Framework Layers

The Consortium is working to create the following
region-wide data layers:

  • Drainage/Watersheds/Flood Plains
  • Master Address File
  • Special District and Administrative
  • Utility and Service Area Boundaries
  • Parcels
  • Streets
  • Open Space Types
  • Planimetric Features
  • Small Communities

Contact Information

DRDC contour lines If you have questions about the Denver Regional Data Consortium or would like to be involved, please contact DRCOG at 303-480-5641 or email geospatial@drcog.org.

Section Highlights

Check out DRCOG's new Regional Data Catalog

On April 14, DRCOG held a Short Course on Metro Vision.

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