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 FIRE Testing


We are not currently accepting new applications: see below. If you have an existing application please click here to modify your application.

Registration is currently closed. We're still completing necessary testing on our new website and hope to launch on or about April 21, when we'll open registration for the June 2 test. We want to assure interested applicants that there will be plenty of time to register prior to the test date in June. Contact Suzi Walker with any questions.

**Read the Required Certification for Hiring by Department/Fire Protection District to see the new requirements for certification before signing up to take the next test.

Firefighter high on a ladder with hose

DRCOG directs the Firefighter Intraregional Recruitment and Employment (FIRE) program on behalf of 14 member districts/departments. A written exam (basic knowledge skills) offered biannually (June and November) establishes an eligibility pool for member departments to use during a recruitment. Departments contact individuals for further testing. Paramedics are encouraged to test.

When submitting an application, read and follow the two steps below! It may also be helpful to read the FAQ sheet in the blue “Selected Downloads” section to your right.

Step 1: Fill out an online application and pay the testing fee.

  • A $35 exam fee ($85 fee if pre-approved by DRCOG to test outside Colorado) is required by the deadline date--no exceptions! Click here to read the information to the right in the blue “Selected Downloads” section about testing outside of CO or click the link to the right in the blue “Selected Downloads” section .
  • If you are not able to finish a portion of your application or upload needed documents, you can come back to complete it later, but it must be filled out in its entirety prior to your test date. Remember: If you are in the process of getting certifications, you can come back to your application anytime during the year your application is valid and make updates. Keeping your file current is important.
  • You are eligible to test if you pay the fee by the deadline; there is no prior approval.

Step 2: Complete the timed (25 minutes) background questionnaire by the deadline date.

  • Be aware, once you click on the questionnaire your 25 minutes begins, and you cannot back out and return to the questionnaire later; do not enter the questionnaire unless you have set aside time to complete it.
  • The questionnaire contains essay questions on topics applicable to your life experiences. Spelling and grammar will be taken into account. Once submitted, it is part of your file.


Download the Release Waiver form (or in the blue “Selected Downloads” section), have it notarized at a bank and bring it with you to the test completed. For those testing outside of Colorado, please send your waiver to the address below by the deadline date of whatever test your are applying for. This form gives DRCOG approval to release information about your file to our member departments and without the form in our possession by the date of your test, scores will not be posted.

*Online payment preferred; if paying by check, please mail your payment (payable to DRCOG) to 1290 Broadway, Suite 700, Denver 80203 by the deadline date--there are no exceptions! The testing fee is non-refundable!

Find more information about the FIRE testing process using the links below:

Section Highlights

We are not taking applications for the June 2, 2014 test until April 21. Stay tuned please as our new website sets to launch!!

IMPORTANT: If you want to know what happens after you take the test, visit the link at the bottom of this page.

The average score from the Nov. 4 test was 87--passing is 70. We do not rank candidates. Departments contact candidates for further testing.

You may update your file for a year from the date you take your test and you are encouraged to do so.

Selected Downloads

Do you want to take the test from a location outside of CO? Read this!

Frequently Asked Questions--Please read!!

Release/Waiver Form to be notarized in the presence of a notary--bring to the test completed

FIRE Testing Policies--read prior to testing

Map to Jefferson County Fairgrounds and FIRE Policies

Information about seeking Colorado EMT certification

Certification Requirements for Entry Level Positions per Fire Department

Download PDF Reader

External Links

Check on the validity of out-of-state firefighter certifications in Colorado

Colorado State Fire Chiefs Association

CWH Research, Inc.

Find a Notary (person who is licensed by the state to witness signatures) by zip code

Red Rocks Community College Firefighter One Academy

State Recognized EMS Education Programs