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 Metro Vision


Metro Vision 2035 Plan


Metro Vision is the region's long-range plan and serves as the foundation for an ongoing conversation about how best to protect the region's quality of life.

The current plan for the region's future, the Metro Vision 2035 Plan, is the primary policy statement of the DRCOG Board addressing growth and development, transportation and environmental management. The Plan is outcomes-oriented and outlines goals and strategies to help realize the regional vision. The most recent update in January 2011 placed an emphasis on sustainability and incorporated several new goals into the plan.

Metro Vision Goals (2005-2035)

  • Increase urban density by 10%
  • Locate 50% of new housing and 75% of new employment in urban centers
  • Protect a total of 880 sq. mi. of state and local parks and open space
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60%
  • Lower single-occupant vehicle (SOV) trips to work from 74% to 65%
  • Reduce daily vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita by 10%

Metro Vision 2035 Plan
Metro Vision 2035 Growth and Development Supplement (GDS)

The Growth and Development Supplement (GDS) is a technical Plan appendix that contains definitions, policy clarifications, supporting policies and procedures, maps and background information for land-use related elements. The Board adopted an updated Metro Vision 2035 GDS in January 2012. The definition, recognition and evaluation of urban centers was a primary focus of the update. The document was also revised to more clearly outline key policies that will further Metro Vision implementation.

For more information about Metro Vision 2035, please contact Teri Whitmore at twhitmore@drcog.org or 303-480-6763.

Section Highlights

View a presentation on the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing Metro Vision.

Metro Vision 2040 is underway. Visit the project page or check out the latest OUR Shared Vision newsletter for project updates, highlights and events.

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Original Metro Vision Guiding Vision

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