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 Transportation Modeling


Regional Travel Modeling: Using Computer Models to Inform Policy Decisions


DRCOG makes policy decisions that shape the quality of life in the Denver metropolitan region, including:

1. how to spend our limited money on building and maintaining roads and transit

2. where to plan for future land development for housing and businesses.

These decisions affect our region's traffic congestion and air quality. In 2010, DRCOG staff completed work on new advanced computer model called Focus. Focus is a tool used to understand the effects of different policy decisions, and answers questions like "how congested will I-25 be?" and "how long will it take to get from Denver to Boulder?"

The Focus model relies upon real-world data. Recently, DRCOG has undertaken a large household survey project called Front Range Travel Counts to understand how people in Denver make decisions about how to use transportation.

Survey data from actual Denver households is required for the model because Focus simulates the everyday behavior of individual people. The model accounts for the fact that people's travel decisions depend on their ages, incomes, and many other factors. Although Focus represents individual people's choices, it is not meant to predict with certainty what any person will do.

Learn more about Focus

How does Focus work?
Focus technical information
Compass technical information

Contact information

For additional information on the transportation model and its data products or for general modeling questions, please contact Scott Ramming at 303-480-6711.

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Transportation Short Course
Want to learn more about transportation planning in the Denver region? View the powerpoint presentation given at the transportation short course.

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