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There is no shortage of information available on Transit-Oriented Development. With literally hundreds of articles, books and studies available on the topic, simply deciding what to read can be overwhelming.

TOD Resource Database
New Resources
By Subject
By Title
Local Resources

The following lists are no longer updated with the latest resources. Use the Resource Database above for the latest information.

Resources by Format
TOD Resources: Reports and Articles
Foundation Work: TCRP 102 Transit-Oriented Development in the United States: Experiences, Challenges, and Prospects, 2004 Top

Local Publications & Presentations


Web Sites


Case Studies



  • Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change by Ewing, Walters, Winkelman New
  • Urban Sprawl and Public Health Designing, Planning, and Building for Healthy Communities by Frumkin, Frank,and Jackson
  • The Great Neighborhood Book, Walljasper, Jay
  • Visualizing Density, Campoli, Julie and Alex S. MacLean
  • Charrette Handbook: The Essential Guide for Accelerated, Collaborative Community Planning, Bill Lennertz
  • Choosing Our Community's Future: A Citizen's Guide to Getting the Most Out of New Development David Goldberg
  • Financing Infrastructure, ULI
  • Charter of the New Urbanism, The Congress for the New Urbanism
  • Future Transport in Cities, Brian Richards
  • How to Turn a Place Around, Project for Public Spaces
  • Involving the Community in Neighborhood Planning, ULI, Deborah L. Myerson
  • Managing Downtown Public Spaces, Project for Public Spaces
  • Modern Trains and Splendid Stations
  • Moving Beyond Gridlock, Robert Dunphy
  • New American Urbanism, John A. Dutton
  • New Departures, Anthony Perl
  • Redesigning Cities, Jonathan Barnett
  • Repairing the American Metropolis, Douglas Kelbaugh
  • Sustainability and Cities , Newman and Kenworthy
  • Ten Principles for Successful Development Around Transit, ULI, Robert Dunphy
  • The Image of the City, Kevin Lynch
  • The Transit Metropolis, Robert Cervero
  • The New Transit Town, Hank Ditmar and Gloria Ohland
  • The Next American Metropolis , Peter Calthrope
  • The Regional City, Peter Calthorpe and William Fulton
  • The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, William H. Whyte
  • Transit Villages in the 21st Century, Bernick and Cervero
  • Place Making, Charles Bohl
  • Urban Villages: The Making of Community, Peter Neal

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