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 TDM Funding Opportunities


Regional Travel Demand Management Pool

Call for Projects


  • The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) invites you to submit an application for federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds through the DRCOG Regional Travel Demand Management Pool for fiscal years 2014-2015.
  • The DRCOG Board of Directors approved the TDM Pool Process on April 17, 2013.
What is the TDM Pool?

  • Travel Demand Management (TDM) is a key tool to facilitate mobility options for residents of the Denver region while reducing single-occupant vehicle (SOV) travel by eliminating or shortening trips, changing the mode of travel, or changing the time of day a trip is made. It includes actions that increase transportation system efficiency through the promotion and facilitation of alternative modes of travel such as, but not limited to, carpooling, vanpooling, transit, bicycling and walking.

  • TDM strategies also include employer-based programs such as alternative work schedules, which can shift demand away from peak travel times, and telework, which can reduce the necessity for trips and reduce demand on the region’s transportation system. The “TDM Pool”, identified in the 2012-2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), should be comprised of programs or activities which implement TDM strategies that reduce SOV travel and ultimately improve regional air quality and/or reduce traffic congestion.
TDM Pool Eligibility and Rules

  • All applications and scopes of work must adhere to the federal CMAQ Final Program Guidelines (2008). A link to these guidelines can be found here.
  • In addition to the CMAQ Guidelines, specific rules pertaining to project and sponsor eligibility have been adopted by the DRCOG Board and can be viewed in the following attachment, project and sponsor eligibility.
Stakeholders Application Workshop

  • On Thursday, May 9, DRCOG and CDOT held a mandatory Stakeholder Application Workshop for all interested and eligible applicants.
  • One person from your organization must have attended the workshop to be eligible to submit an application.
Funding Availability

  • A total of $2.15 million of federal funds is available for fiscal years 2014-2015. The minimum project funding request is $80,000 and the recommended target maximum is $300,000 total over a 2 year period.
Project Application

  • The attached application is in a Microsoft Word format. Applications will be due on Monday, June 3 by 5 p.m. and should be submitted by email to Melina Dempsey at mdempsey@drcog.org. Applications arriving after that deadline will not be considered.
  • The subject line should read: TDM Project Submittal (your organization name)
  • Additionally, applications will not be accepted prior to the Stakeholder Application Workshop on May 9.
  • When submitting the application, you must include a map of your project service area (see Question #6).
Project Evaluation Criteria

  • The attached table includes the evaluation criteria to score project applications.
  • The evaluation criteria will serve as a guide for the Project Review Panel to score projects.
Project Recommendation Process

  • Once projects are submitted, a TDM Project Review panel comprised of TDM experts that are non-applicants will be responsible for reviewing, scoring and making recommendations for projects to be funded.

  • April 17 - DRCOG Board approved the TDM Process and Rules
  • April 19 - Call for projects
  • May 9 - Mandatory application training
  • June 3 - Applications due
  • July 10 - Project Review Panel recommendations
  • July 22 - TAC Recommendation of projects
  • Aug. 20 - RTC Recommendation of projects
  • Aug. 21 - Board Action
Supplemental Materials and Resources

Working with Way to Go

Marketing-related projects are mandated to utilize or promise a direct link to the Way To Go campaign. The attachment, Working with Way to Go, contains a list of ideas and options of how grant applicants can collaborate with Way to Go.

Additional Information

Questions about the TDM solicitation process and project application may be directed to:

Melina Dempsey
TDM, Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner
303-480-5628 or mdempsey@drcog.org

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