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 Traffic Signal Program


Traffic Signals

Green Light

Since 1989, DRCOG's Traffic Operations Program has been working with the Colorado Department of Transportation and local governments to coordinate traffic signals on major roadways in the region. The program reduces traffic congestion and improves air quality. DRCOG was one of the first metropolitan planning organizations (MPO) to conduct such a program, and remains the leader among the very few MPOs throughout the United States involved in traffic signalization efforts.

The Traffic Operations Program efforts are governed by the Traffic Signal System Improvement Program (TSSIP)[2013 Update] that has two major components: a capital improvement program that provides equipment and installs communications links to improve system capabilities, and a traffic signal timing improvement program that provides new traffic signal timing and coordination plans to demonstrate the benefits of the capital improvements.

The brochure Why is the Signal Always Red? prepared by DRCOG provides an informative overview of some of the challenges involved in improving traffic signal timing and coordination.

If you want to experience what it's like to work with traffic signals, try out this interactive game, Gridlock Buster, developed by the ITS Institute at the University of Minnesota.

Regional Benefits of Completed Projects

Click on the links below to see an Annual Benefits Summary of Projects as well as the Signal Timing Briefs (individual benefits summary reports for each project).

Staff Contacts:

Greg MacKinnon, P.E.
Transportation Operations Program Manager

Jerry Luor, P.E.
Traffic Signal Engineering Coordinator

Section Highlights

Transportation Short Course
Want to learn more about transportation planning in the Denver region? View the powerpoint presentation given at the transportation short course.

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