Comment By Rob Medina
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment Our organization strongly opposes the proposed toll road in NW Jefferson County. There is no demonstrated need for such a road. Improving existing public roads such as SH93 is a better and more responsible solution. This toll road will only benefit developers. We also oppose this road being controlled by a private, foreign company who will force "congestion guarantees" on Indiana St., and purposely congesting public roads to benefit private interests. The most disconcerting issue is the pending development on and near Rocky Flats. This area is poison, and our government is covering up the threat to public health by encouraging development in this area. If development is allowed in this area, people who live and work in this area may one day become very sick, and this is a great injustice. DRCOG members must see this private toll road not only as an inappropriate transportation solution, but also as a potential to risk to public health. This proposed toll toad has been contentious for years, and for good reason. I encourage DRCOG members to vote NO! Respectfully, Rob Medina, Citizens Involved in the Northwest Quadrant,
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