Comment By Laura Belanger
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I am very concerned with the proposed Jeffco Parkway and the potential impacts it would have on the Route 93 corridor and the areas rural character. This land serves an important role in the transition from the plains to foothills and as such should be protected for its views rather than for its commercial and residential development potential. Once these views are gone we cannot regain them. Recognizing the value of such foothills views, Boulder County purchased land in Jefferson County north of Highway 72 which is now Boulder County Open Space (in Jefferson County). I urge DRCOG to remove the Jefferson Parkway from the proposed amendments to the Regional Transportation Plan. I also believe that Jefferson County, The Gateway to the Rockies, should follow Boulder's lead and change its plans for this land, adding some to its award winning Open Space Program and maintaining the rural feel of the rest. This would be consistent with Jefferson County's own draft Master Plan which includes the following vision for Jeffco: a county that values the acquisition, preservation and protection of public and private open spaces, parks, trails, scenic corridors, and the mountain backdrop for the enjoyment of present and future communities. Jeffco's draft plan also states that it will continue to preserve the Front Range Mountain Foreground and Backdrop Area. By removing the Jefferson Parkway and instead including road widening, safety improvements, bicycle lanes and other modification to the existing Route 93, DRCOG can help preserve this unique area in the Denver Metro Region.
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