Comment By Damon Barbour
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment Boondoggle is how I would characterize the Jefferson Parkway toll road. As I understand the proposal, it is increasingly clear that it's a waste of taxpayer money and it would actually exacerbate the problems it professes to solve. It is also an obvious threat to pristine open space, leading to unneeded sprawl. Life is not better when we can take a tollway to a brand new Wal Mart in what used to be native landscape with unobstructed front-range views. Call me crazy but not all development is good development. Improve existing infrastructure, especially along SH-93 where it is most needed. Redevelop historic business districts within Arvada and Broomfield. But do not build the toll road. It is not a good idea. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Damon Barbour, JeffCo Citizen
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