Comment By Joseph Schultz
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I strongly oppose the adoption of the amendment to the Regional Transportation Plan titled "Jefferson Parkway, SH 93 north of 64th Avenue to SH 128 (Initial Phase)." Creating a toll road across Arvada will not solve our transportation problems in the Northwest Quadrant of Metro Denver as clearly demonstrated by the Northwest Quadrant Feasibility Study of 2000. The failing of the Northwest Parkway is also clear evidence that motorists don't want to pay tolls - especially when their toll fees go to an offshore conglomerate like Brisa. Furthermore, I resent my public officials leasing toll roads (like the Northwest Parkway for 99 years) to foreign companies (like Brisa) who then dictate terms about how we can develop (or NOT develop) our transportation infrastructure by way of non-compete agreements. If the goal of creating a Regional Transportation Plan is to create better transportation for our future generations, the Jefferson Parkway is NOT the way to go. The solutions for creating better north-south arterials through the Northwest Quadrant are not easy. They will take a lot of planning and money. I know it's possible and I have every confidence that we will arrive at a sensible course of action. For example, simply improving our existing infrastructure is much less costly, will provide adequate traffic circulation, and keeps control of our transportation options where it belongs - with local governments and committees like DRCOG. The Jefferson Parkway toll road, on the other hand, is simply the latest attempt by those who seek to enrich themselves from public projects to force decisions that don't solve our long-term transportation needs. Please vote NO on the Jefferson Parkway amendment. Thank you for collaborating and giving everyone a seat at the table.
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