Comment By John Carnie
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment As a resident who lives near SH93 and W 58th Ave, I am very much against the proposed Jefferson Parkway toll road for many reasons. Chief among them is the negative impact it would have on nearby residents’ quality of life. The increased traffic would spoil one of the primary reasons we live in this area; the beauty and tranquility of the Table Mountain area. I grew up in a CO mountain valley town and can attest to what the I-70 traffic noise has done to the quality of life in that town. Perhaps we can learn from existing examples and not ruin what we currently enjoy. Another reason I am against the proposal is that I ride my bicycle on SH93 daily and it is already very dangerous. The proposed toll road would make it more so, not only on 93, but also on surrounding roads. Let us not forget to consider how little sense it makes add an additional $1B burden for this project to taxpayers during this time of economic malaise. That sounds like big government thinking (i.e. not) when instead we should support local, more fiscally responsible plans. Do not support the beltway; instead support Golden’s and Boulder’s alternative plan.
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