Comment By Denise Burrows
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with the proposal to build a privately funded beltway in lieu of making needed improvements to Highways 93 and U.S. 6. It is evident to me that the beltway proposal, (aka The Jefferson Parkway), is politically driven by an ambitious County Commissioner and backed primarily by the Jefferson Economic Council, on which that Commissioner sits as a director. Despite recent comments concerning public safety, the privately funded beltway project has never been about safety – its primary purpose is to hasten economic development. To abdicate an essential government function (transportation) to a private entity is itself arguably a failure of the government to act in the people’s interest; to do so primarily to advance the interests of developers and ambitious politicians is undoubtedly so. The Jefferson County Public Highway Authority was established primarily to promote its agenda despite the protests of other area communities, such as Golden and Boulder, by attempting to show some level of governmental cooperation in the issue. It should be within the mission of DRCOG to recognize that the Highway Authority instead represents the antithesis of regional cooperation among area governments. DRCOG has a history of seeing past the fog of ambition and focusing on doing what is right in the face of political pressure. I urge you to look deeply into the issue, disregard any personal and political biases and the deceptive lure of private funding, and make a decision based on the data and best interests of the people. Denise C. Burrows
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