Comment By Marsha Trout
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment Dear DRCOG Members - I reside in Golden and I am opposed to the proposed amendment for the Jefferson Parkway. Support the recent Golden-Boulder proposal. No study has cited a need for a toll road to "complete" the beltway. In fact, it has been just to opposite; improvement on local roads would be more effective in relieving congestion, improving traffic flow, and holding down costs. One needs to ask "Who stands to benefit from the tollway?" Arvada's mayor has admitted that the tollway is being pushed because of development at Highways 93 and 72. Broomfield's former mayor stands to receive $1 million if a tollway is completed. It is not the people who will benefit from a tollway. A tollway will not improve traffic flow and congestion in the areas where most people travel. In fact, local roads are likely to degrade due to "non-compete" clauses which will keep local governments from improving local roads. A tollway will cost more to build and continue to levy tolls on motorists (recall that the Northwest Parkway almost defaulted on its loans due to low use). Please vote against the initial phase of the Jefferson Parkway. It is not fiscally constrained and will actually cost more without solving the traffic issues. The Golden-Boulder proposal meets the needs of the people, not just a few speculators. I appreciate your consideration in this matter. Thanks Marsha Trout
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