Comment By Linda VanDervort
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I live in Coal Creek Canyon and drive every day to/from Boulder on Highway 93. I strongly oppose the proposed Jeffco Parkway. There is no need for it, except to help out developers who propose massive development that will only happen if the parkway goes through. Several studies have already shown the downsides of this project and yet Arvada and Jeffco continue to support it and the new development that will go along with it. Meanwhile, for those of us who already live in the area, we want Highway 93 and Indiana to be improved instead of the ill-advised tollway project. Please oppose the proposed Jeffco parkway. There are also many environmental reasons to oppose the parkway. Also many groups including Jeffco and Boulder have spent millions of dollars preserving the beautiful open space along the Foothills. The environmental fallout from a new highway and new development would be great.
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