Comment By Scott Ledbetter
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I have been driving on Highway 93 between Highway 72 and Boulder for 21 years. I have personally witnessed two fatal accidents, and have seen the aftermath of many more. The Jefferson Parkway would not be a replacement for Highway 93. The vast majority of traffic on Highway 93 is between Golden and Boulder, not between Golden and Broomfield. Widening and making safer Highway 93 should be the highest priority, not enabling a completely useless, unneeded, and potentially unused tollway. The Jefferson Parkway is a completely transparent attempt to further the Candelas development, and to open new development near the Rocky Mountain Metro Airport. Given that these supposedly "private" projects still have huge public impacts, such as the "traffic calming" proposed for Indiana Street, DRCOG owes it to the metro area residents to make a decision that benefits the residents over the developers. This decision is to kill the Jefferson Parkway, and fund the much-needed improvements to Indiana and Highway 93 that will SAVE LIVES. The improvements to Highway 93 will have to be made regardless of the Jefferson Parkway's status. The blood of every victim of the condition of Highway 93 is on YOUR hands if you don't do everything in your power to fix that highway.
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