Comment By Johanna  Miller
For Metro Vision
Comment Please consider my comments in your decision as I stongly believe that the Jefferson Parkway tollroad should not be approved as part of the Metro Vision and that DRGOG should consider transportation alternatives that aim to reduce vehicle miles traveled:
  • The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) should vote AGAINST the proposed Jefferson Parkway toll road.
  • The road would promote rather than discourage sprawl. I expect DRCOG to be a leader in developing sustainable communities not promoting further use of individual vehicles.
  • The Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority's plan would require taxpayers to SPEND $800 million to $1 billion in additional transportation improvements.
  • The toll road backers are NOT being truthful in their proposal to DRCOG. Toll road backers are using two (2) different proposals to tell two different stories. The proposal to DRCOG shows much LESS impact on traffic, and NO COST to taxpayers. DRCOG is not being given full and complete information.
  • This proposed toll road would worsen regional transportation funding and congestion.
  • The Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority's own data shows that the project would dramatically increase traffic on S.H. 93 and other surrounding roads.
  • The resulting increased traffic on S.H. 93 would exacerbate already serious safety problems for drivers and bicyclists. S.H. 93's fatality rate is double the state average.
  • The City of Golden, the City of Boulder and Boulder County have prepared a better plan that would fix the congestion and safety issues on S.H. 93 and support transit and regional economic development.
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