Comment By Edward Mcilvain
For Metro Vision
Comment I am completely against any attempts to develop a toll road or any major highway to "complete" the 470 Beltway through the town of Golden. Studies have shown that it is extremely costly and unnecessary.
The driving reason behind the proponents desire to build the beltway is to be able to develop aggressively along the proposed highway. This type of development is not compatible with DRCOG's Metro Vision goal of higher density, mixed-use transit and pedestrian-oriented communities.
As a resident of Golden I am proud of the anti-Beltway stance that the City leaders have taken. The open space in this area (whether it's specifically dedicated as such or not) is one of the main reasons people live and relocate to Colorado.
The short-sighted, environmentally destructive and aesthetically damaging development that would occur as a result of the new Beltway would do much more long-term harm than good and does not fit in DRCOG's objectives for the region.
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