Comment By Alethea Smock
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I have no interest in seeing "W-470" built. There is enough road capacity to handle traffic on Hwy 93 if it receives the improvements that should have been made years ago. I've lived in N Arvada for over 10 years now and no matter how hard my City leaders push for it, I just don't see the need in a "beltway". I saw the destruction to the land and decline for City roads that happened when 470 was build through S Aurora years ago. We moved to N Arvada away from the mess in S Aurora for that specific reason. And here it is again. Make 470 go away once and for all. If, and then it's a BIG maybe Candelas is totally built out there may be a need for 470. But that's 50 years from now, at best. And at that point it might make sense, and people will ask for it. So far, I don't know of any Citizens groups begging for 470, but there are plenty of Citizens groups who are opposed. That says everything that there is to say.
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