Comment By Frank Eppink
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I am a strong supporter of the expansion of 470 into the northwest corridor.
After living, working, and commuting in other cities across the United States, and reflecting on the Denver metro area and its current regional highways and transportation systems, I find it amazing that such a grand collection of cities and counties finds itself so woefully behind in general progress and forward thinking of its transportation systems and capabilities. This metro area may very well be the largest in the country to have an incomplete transportation loop surrounding the entire metro area.
To not finish the loop would be extremely shortsighted and will ultimately prove to be a naive and immature decision as we go into the future. As our Denver area population grows and expands...and, there will be no way to stop the growth, we need to have provisions in place to safely accommodate the increased population and associated traffic. Also vitally important is the connectivity between the cities along the west side and the north corridor in order to be able to attract the businesses that we will want and need on that side of the metro area in the future to help pay the taxes, support the infrastructure requirements and support the community in general. We can develop smart and protect those areas that are important to us.
We need a smart plan for the future. To go into the future without the addressing the fundamentals such as general transportation needs will lead us to economic extinction. Look at any developed city with declining population. One of the pitfalls is that of ill-planned transportation because of the resistance to accept the reality population growth and expansion. The domino affect from there is all too obvious.
Again, I strongly support the expansion of 470 into the northwest corridor.
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