Comment By Kathleen Doyle
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I ask that DRCOG reject the proposed Jefferson Parkway amendment. Beginning with CH2M Hill's NW Quadrant Feasibility study in 1999, all of the studies using DRCOG's traffic projections have consistently pointed out that a limited-access high speed road between Broomfield and I-70 is not justified by projected traffic within the quadrant or by projected traffic crossing through the quadrant. Over and over, all of the studies have shown that the projected traffic flows demand improvements on SH 93, Indiana and McIntyre. If it is allowed to go forward, the Jefferson Parkway will not help traffic in or through the area. Contrary to its proponents' assertions, the Jefferson Parkway would not be an alternative to SH 93. In fact, it will make SH 93, along with Indiana and other roads in the area, more congested and more dangerous. In addition, the proposed interchanges between this road and SH 128, Indiana, SH 72, SH 93, etc. will present new opportunities for accidents. Transportation funding is difficult, and we need to be both careful and creative with our limited resources. However, it makes no sense to propose a new road that won't address the projected traffic requirements just because the road might be able to "sold" to someone as a tolled road. We have to face facts: SH 93, Indiana, and McIntyre need to be upgraded, or our children will wonder what we were thinking 25 years from now. DRCOG can force us to begin to face the reality of the situation by rejecting the proposed Jefferson Parkway. Thank you for your consideration.
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