Comment By CJ Dantinne
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I am writing to express my full support for the approval to construct the LAST REMAINING PIECE of the metropolitan beltway. I live in close proximity to the proposed area and witness FIRST HAND the increased traffic flow that Indiana, McIntyre, and other nearby streets have to endure because of the number of people utilizing the area as a thru-way to the Denver West area as well as I-70.

As recent as 1994, the city of Golden was IN FAVOR of the proposed beltway so why the city is opposed now is a mystery to many. It has been stated that Boulder is against the beltway, but my conversation with MANY Boulder residents is to the contrary, that they would like to see an easier method to access I-70 and see an improvement to Hwy 93 as a very temporary fix.

Please include the beltway on the plan. It is vital to the improvement of the ENTIRE metro area.
(if one submitted)