Comment By Jane Dantinne
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I am writing in favor of the proposed plan to develop the beltway. As a Colorado and Jefferson County native, this has been in the works for SOME TIME, only to be delayed for this reason, or that reason. I fear that if this continues to be delayed, development will continue, and the transportation to accommodate the development will not. The best example I can give is the Glendale/Peoria/Surprise area of the Greater Phoenix Area. The 101 loop is/was in a similar position that 470 currently is. The last remaining piece of the 101 was to connect I-17 South to I-10, much like I-25 South needs to connect to I-70. With the already-established NW Parkway, it makes NO sense to not finish the connection. Because the 101 was delayed by many of the same tactics viewed here, development and traffic were already an issue that could have been mitigated with an earlier 101 completion. We are at a vital time-line point in that the beltway can be completed before development takes effect. Once the 101 was completed, the city of Glendale agreed that the new University of Phoenix Stadium be completed as well, bringing HUGE dollars to the area, every time the Super Bowl bound Cardinals played. Please vote in favor of the steps needed for this completion.
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