Comment By Rod Killian
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment Please vote "NO" for including the Jefferson Parkway in your Fiscally Constrained Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan. We should be forward looking for more mass transit, ways of reducing carbon emissions not to be more harmful to the environment by building a highway that is not needed. The only people that need this highway are the rich developers. Tell the developers NO! The City of Arvada has failed to do so for many years. As a result, my wife and I, and 60 other homeowners, live in a new subdivision that is strapped with $500,000 of drainage needs because the City allowed the developer to not follow submitted plans. Yes, the City inspection process was a farce! The developer went bankrupt and we as homeowners have been stuck with the bill. The City of Arvada cared only for the developer to make money. Please don't allow the same mistake to be made with this not needed highway. All citizens will be stuck with the bill. Thanks for allowing a small voice to be heard; at least I hope so. I am sure that this request will be ignored as I cannot compete with the big money. It would be nice for once for the big money people not to be able to buy there way at the expense of others. Rod Killian
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