Comment By William Fisher
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment DRCOG Board Members: Good morning! I am writing to ask you to consider the impacts of the Jefferson Parkway on all Coloradans around the region, and to say NO to adding this to the fiscally constrained plan. The plan commits Colorado taxpayers to $800+ Million in unfunded improvements and hurts existing transportation needs of other cities and town around the Denver Metro Region. It fails completely to fix the dangerous and busy Highway 93, and even makes it worse by predicting traffic will grow from 25,000 cars a day to 40,000 cars a day after it is built! It adds another stoplight on Highway 93 - that doesn't reduce congestion, it makes it worse. It deliberately slows down North-South arterials through Arvada, making driving times longer and more painful along important transportation routes. Our mountain backdrop is a signature reason why so many enjoy the Front Range. 18-20 story buildings rising just in front of the mountains destroys this for all time. The "Parkway" is no parkway... It fails to provide any protection for neighborhoods along the entire corridor, and provides no mitigation for sound and air pollution, wildlife corridors, environmentally significant Plains of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. Please, protect taxpayers and vote no on this addition. There is no money to complete the changes, our existing roads need all the attention they can get, and a 1950s solution to a 21st Century transportation problem is not the best answer, nor is it the only answer. We need improvements on 93, we need fewer stoplights, we need to protect neighborhoods and we need better planning for mass transit along the Front Range. Again, please vote NO on adding the Jefferson Parkway to the DRCOG Metro Vision 2035 Regional Transportation Plan. Cheers, Bill Fisher Golden, CO 80403
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