Comment By Janet Binns
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment Please vote NO on the Jefferson County Parkway plan. As I look at the 2035 vision map, I have to question, what is the goal of adding the Jefferson County Parkway? Is it to complete the loop so the beltway looks nice on a map? Is it to ease traffic congestion and make or roadways safer? Is it to support Flat Irons Shopping Center? I have not seen traffic studies to support that this Jefferson Parkway segment is needed from a traffic volume perspective. It seems the Jefferson Parkway ignores the elephant in the room, the dangerous, congested Highway 93 between Golden and Boulder. The Jefferson Parkway would do nothing to improve this heavily traveled roadway.

Coloradans do not want to pay tolls, as is evidenced by the underutilization of the NW Parkway. I also see no inclusion of light rail in this plan. Really? With all the hoopla about climate change, is DRCOG really considering a "solution" that encourages more cars and does not provide an alternative to getting Coloradans out of their cars? If this is a vision for 2035, we are still looking at solutions from a 1970s attitude. Please, truly be forward thinking and not stuck in the past. We need a transportation solution we can live with, not one that we are "stuck with".

Thank you and please vote against this short-sighted proposal.
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