Comment By Melissa Larkin
For Metro Vision
Comment Have you ever driven Highway 93 on a dark, snowy night around rush hour? If so, you know the danger of this road and understand why the fatality rate on this state highway is double the state average. Now, dramatically increase traffic on this road (a situation that the Metro Vision 2035 Plan has predicted to happen with the planned Beltway) and you've got a huge problem for the state, our community and our children. Please, I urge you, to vote against including the proposed initial phase of the Jefferson Parkway in the Regional Transportation Plan. The Mayors of Golden and Boulder have come up with a much safer solution. Please let those in the proper position to make the best decision for the surrounding areas have the final say in how this congested, un-safe highway is improved. Vote NO on the Beltway. Sincerely, a Golden resident with two young children that will be driving on the roads we decide to build. Please keep them safe and keep them alive.
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