Comment By Gerald Anderson
For Metro Vision
Comment Dear Members of the Denver Regional Council of Governments,
We are writing to express our thoughts about the vote on the Jefferson Parkway Toll Road that is being voted on January 20, 2010. We are NOT in favor of the proposal as it is now presented. We are in favor of the plan that is being pro- posed by the mayors of Superior, Boulder, Golden and the Boulder County commissioner which would be part toll road and the widening of state highway Colorado 93. The city of Golden is not in favor of the Jefferson Parkway toll road as it would impact their people living along the toll road. We do not believe this road should be forced on them if they are against this plan. We feel the toll road relies on 20th century ideas and would not address the needs of our present day as well as the plan by the group of mayors and the county commissioner. First, we feel the toll road would impact the wild life and beauty along its path and would destroy many animal habitats if it is built. It would probably cause too much development that would cover open lands and mar the beauty of the moutain backdrop. Second, we understand the toll road would increase traffic on most of the other major roads in the area, including 64th Avenue, Colorado 72, Colorado 58 and U.S. 6.
The new plan put forth by the group of mayors and the county commissioner would increase the highway's safety and capacity while lessening problems caused by weather and wildlife. The alternative plan as proposed in The Denver Post Editorial article on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 in the Guest Commen- tary suggests expanding public transit and adding separated bike routes so that travelers in the area would not be completely dependent on cars.
We are residents of Arvada and we believe that this plan should be looked into before the Jefferson Parkway Toll Road is voted on. Thank you for your time and interest.
Gerald and Carolyn Anderson
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