Comment By Shirley Trujillo
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment To the members of DRCOG: I oppose the adoption of the amendment to the Regional Transportation Plan titled "Jefferson Parkway, SH 93 north of 64th Avenue to SH 128 (Initial Phase).

I understand from reading the DRCOG website that some of the issues this agency addresses are: keeping Colorado air and water clean, preserving Colorado open space and promoting regional cooperation. "DRCOG is a public agency, but it isn't a unit of government. It is a nonprofit, voluntary association of local governments in the Denver region. DRCOG does not have statutory authority to require local governments to be members or to follow its plans. DRCOG also can't tax, issue bonds or legislate." (

I hope that the DRCOG vision for the metro area truly includes safeguarding Colorado interests.

At this time of national and state financial distress, the idea of adding a toll road to burden the people who live in this area is disheartening. With taxes ever increasing and fuel costs becoming the sword hanging over our heads, why on earth would anyone want to pay an additional toll to use roads which already exist and have been paid from our taxes.

We have an infrastructure already in place; let us improve the existing roadways. Please stop forcing taxpayers to pay for new beltways and new infrastructures to prepare large tracts of land for the next developer. And please don't sell our interests to foreign banks or corporations.

We have a metro area filled with countless roads, highways and bridges needing attention. We have shopping malls that are empty and neighborhoods in desperate need of renewal. Why is the banner of "Economic Development" always unfurled in advance of building new centers and new beltways? Let us slow down in this state and take care of existing infrastructures in the many cities and counties in the metro area. Our economy can be fueled with existing metro structure repair and renovation. That would be a win/win scenario.

Thank you for your efforts in safeguarding Colorado resources for future generations.

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