Comment By Dave Chandler
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I have been an Arvada resident for over eighteen years.

I am against the building of a "private" tollway west of my city for two main reasons.

First, the last thing my neighbors and I need is an increase in traffic on Wadsworth Blvd. due to drivers seeking to avoid paying a toll to travel north or south.

Second, with transportation improvement funds now scarce, it seems unwise to be planning a "private" road that will still require millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to make it accessible. The governments of Arvada and Jefferson County should make a top transportation priority improvements to SH93, Indiana and McIntyre.

DRCOG should encourage Arvada and Jefferson County governments to get better in tune with the new economic and environmental realities that have made this kind of a tollway an old fashioned concept. We need improvements to our already existing roads -- that should be the top priority for all regional governments.
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