Comment By John Brocko
For Regional Transportation Plan, Metro Vision
Comment I oppose the inclusion of plans to add a high speed parkway or toll road in Jefferson County. It doesn't suit the needs of the community locally or regionally.

For many years I commuted from Arvada to Lousiville using motorized vehicles and bicycling. I have also ridden my bicycle quite a bit in the area bisected by the northwest tollway prior to and after its construction. It is my observation that the northwest tollway did not improve the congestion on the roads in the area. The northwest tollway improved access for those living further away and encouraged sprawl and development east of I-25. Local roads such as Dillon Road/144th, Co 7 and 42 did not get much-needed improvement. I also noticed that traffic coming off the toll road doesn't play well with local traffic, drivers find it hard to adjust to the slower speeds of the local roads.

It appears that the people living in the area would have been better served by improvements to their local roads. It would have been more responsible to improve the local roads for the people who live and work locally and discourage the concept of commuting long distances through the metro area using more fuel and causing widespread congestion. Now a driver can be part of congestion in their local neighborhood and far away where they work.

When I was commuting by bike there was only one decent choice to go north from 86th to Broomfield/Louisville - this was Wadsworth, which at this point has wide shoulders and traffic is moving steadily fast. The speed limit is 45 and even with cars regularly going at 50 plus it is not as dangerous as riding with traffic on a slower road such as Simms and Alkire or Indiana. These other roads will need improvement at some point. Using resources to encourage people to drive further isn't responsible. It would be better to improve traffic for people who have a local commute.

Adding a high-speed road is not the answer to improving a local commute. I have changed jobs and now commute a similar distance using a highway. When commuting by car my travel time can be shorter than it was when I drove on roads with stop lights however, it is just as likely to be as long or longer.

It would better serve those of us who live in the area to have our existing roads improved. The addition of lanes for more vehicles and bicycles, plus stop lights to keep the traffic flowing consistently, if perhaps a bit slower than a toll road, will better suit our needs.
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