Comment By Glen Freundlich
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I strongly oppose the Jefferson Parkway in any form. The various proposals over the years for this segment, such as W-470 and others to "complete the circle", have been soundly defeated by area residents when brought to a vote. Compared to other taxpayer-funded transportation projects, Jefferson Parkway should get the lowest priority. Who would use this road? I question the traffic projections provided by JPPHA, and since JPPHA also has traffic "crippling" proposals to attempt to force traffic from existing roads onto Jefferson Parkway, I would guess that JPPHA does not have much confidence in the parkway either. Also, the parkway’s proponents have lost credibility with the numbers they dreamed up for the Northwest Parkway. The website for the proposed Candelas development seems to assume the parkway is a done deal. I'm sure running a highway through or very near to Candelas helps to sell the development, but why should I (as a taxpayer) pay for that? Would Jefferson Parkway connect to other roads in a reasonable manner? On the north end, would Broomfield extend the 4-lane Northwest Parkway to meet up with the 4-lane Jefferson Parkway (including removing the existing traffic lights)? On the south end, how would 2 lanes of southbound traffic merge into 1 lane of highway 93 (which is currently already busy)? As a resident near the north end of the proposed parkway, I am concerned about the impact of moving earth on the old Rocky Flats site. And, of course, the air pollution and noise would be hugely negative factors. Thanks for allowing this opportunity to comment--I don't recall a similar opportunity to comment on Northwest Parkway.
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