Comment By Casey Brown
For Regional Transportation Plan, Metro Vision
Comment I strongly urge you to please deny any amendments to the Metro Vision or Regional Transportation Plan related to the proposed Candelas development or the Jefferson County Parkway. These proposals are completely antithetical to principals of sound regional planning. Most importantly, there is no demonstrated need for such a road. Especially during times of severe fiscal constraint, projects involving public money should benefit citizens in the metro area and not just developers, or worse yet, foreign companies. It is critical that DRCOG prioritize improving our existing public roads, such as SH93, which is by far a better and more responsible solution. Please recognize that this is not just a disagreement between two municipalities, but instead a choice between encouraging responsible planning or further sprawl; solving existing transportation problems or creating new ones; improving the safety of drivers in this area or creating new risks to public health. I truly believe the only responsible decision regarding the Candelas development and the proposed Jefferson County tollroad is to deny their inclusion into the Regional Transportation Plan and the Metro Vision.
Casey Brown
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