Comment By Charles Poskie
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment My family and I support improving Hwy-93 to address transportation needs on the northwest side. We very much oppose the construction of a new beltway, especially if it involves toll roads.

Toll roads are an intrinsically unfair way to pay for construction. People driving south from Golden on C470 would use free roads while people driving north on a toll way would have to pay, yet both would have to pay the same amount of taxes to support the free roads. Nearly every day, I drive Hwy-93 between Golden and Boulder for my work commute.

The other unfair aspect of the toll roads is the non-compete (or guaranteed congestion) agreements made to build the toll road. These agreements make the existing free roads less useful in the attempt to force people onto the toll road.

The main reason toll roads are being considered is to avoid bringing a bond referendum to the voters, which would surely be defeated. This is a rather sneaky way to avoid the will of the people. I would much rather see gasoline taxes increased to pay for all "free" roads than to have a toll.

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