Comment By Nancy Wylie
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I live in Arvada and am a 6th generation native. I have watched the city do stupid things for years and supporting the completion of the beltway is the worst one.

There has been study after study that has proven the beltway is not needed. It only helps the developers that are trying to ruin what little countryside we have left, not to mention the loss of our mountain backdrop! You can not get it back once it is gone!

It also would totally ruin the city of Golden! They do not want it either. The council members that we have in Arvada would have you believe the citizens of Arvada support the beltway. We do NOT! Arvada claims it will increase revenue, but it will only cause more pollution, growth and worse traffic.

Please do not allow the road to be built as the rest of 470. Widen 93 where needed (like in Boulder) and be done with it! We don't need a major highway there!
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