Comment By Stan Edwards
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment To: Denver Regional Council of Governments
Comments on the proposed Jefferson Parkway

1. Study after study has shown that we do not need the parkway!

2. A citizen's choice to use a toll road is a price sensitive decision. The higher the toll, the fewer drivers will use it. Tolls, as set on the other portions of the loop are in the range of $0.25 per mile, and as a result they are highly under utilized. Particularly the Northwest Parkway.

3. It costs about $15 to drive the loop from Park Meadows to Broomfield. It costs less to drive the New York Thruway from New York City to Buffalo, about 420 miles. The Mass Turnpike, New York Thruway, Ohio Turnpike, The Pennsylvania Turnpike, The Indiana Turnpike, The Maine Turnpike, and many other toll roads back east are in the range of $0.035 to $0.06 per mile - less than 1/4 of our beltway. They are heavily utilized, our beltway is under utilized. Sure, they were built years ago, but that does not enter a citizen's decision to use, or not use them. All that matters is how much they cost to use.

4. Did I mention that the use of a toll road is a price sensitive decision? If the Jefferson Parkway is built with a toll approaching $0.25 per mile, it will not relieve congestion on the existing surface roads one whit.

5. It should be illegal to artificially lower the speed limit on existing roads to encourage use of a toll road, as has been threatened on Indiana. That is nothing short of blackmail. Whoever promotes such a scheme should be removed from office.

6. It makes no sense whatever to give over control of our infrastructure to a foreign company. Particularly if there is a "non-compete" clause that prevents improvements on local streets without their approval.

7. If the money can be found to build the last section of the loop with public funds, as a free road, as C 470 is, then by all means, build it. If not, then DON'T BUILD IT.

8. This road is not planned as a benefit for the citizens, it is planned as a benefit for real estate developers.

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