Comment By Lou Ann Elliott
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment December 16, 2009

Denver Regional Council of Governments
1290 S. Broadway
Suite 700
Denver, CO 80203-5606

To the Board of Directors:
Your Board exists to represent the Denver metropolitan region--not Golden! The antics that have been going on for decades must end. Golden supported this highway for years. But, once CDOT and the rest of us paid to relocate SH 93 out of Golden's "downtown"--they suddenly changed their minds. It so easy to see: once they got their bypass and got regional traffic off of their City streets they instantly forgot about the rest of us.

Please see the forest, not the trees. Please do not allow a very vocal minority and a very small community in the Denver region to stop the plan that has made sense for years.

If you do not act now, it truly may be too late. There is so little land that can even be developed--most of it is open space now. But once there are homes or apartments or businesses in northwest Jeffco we will never get this highway built!

Lou Ann Elliott
(if one submitted)