Comment By Scott Christopher
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment Bicycle Colorado asks the DRCOG Board of Directors NOT to include the Jefferson Parkway proposal as an amendment to the 2035 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan for these primary reasons:

1. The Parkway proposal does not include safe and accessible facilities for bicyclists.

2. The Parkway proposal would reduce safety of bicyclists by emptying high-volume Parkway traffic onto local roads designated as Bicycle Corridors in DRCOG's 2035 Regional Transportation Plan. A number of these local roads currently require improvements to provide bicyclists safe travel.

3. The Parkway proposal does not follow DRCOG's Transportation Policies adopted in the 2035 Metro Vision Plan.

Bicycle Colorado and our more than 7,000 individual and business members endorse improvements to existing roads to better accommodate bicycles, cars, pedestrians, and transit. The Parkway proposal instead adds a projected $1 billion tax liability to businesses and residents without funding for needed improvements to existing roadways and multi-use paths. The Parkway proposal projections show a large increase in traffic on Highway 93 and surrounding roads such as Indiana Street without any funding for addressing this added traffic and congestion.
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