Comment By Betsy Hand
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I oppose DRCOG approval of the proposed Jefferson Parkway toll road. This is exactly the wrong direction to be going: promoting sprawl development at the edges of the Denver metro area. DRCOG's own study of the financial impacts of sprawl development on the region should be argument enough. Anyone who travels on the E470 tollroad can witness the sprawl development that highway induced. All of that development now depends on automobile travel, a highly unsustainable form of travel as we look forward to peak oil, dependence on foreign oil and climate change.
  • JPPHA's own data shows that the project would dramatically increase traffic on S.H. 93 and other surrounding roads.
  • The City of Golden, the City of Boulder and Boulder County have prepared a better plan that would fix the congestion and safety issues on S.H. 93 and support transit and regional economic development.
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