Comment By Philip von Hake
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Comment Hello Again!

I say "again" because I have already participated in DRCOG's Metro Vision(?) workshops over this past summer. While I'm sure this comment falls primarily under "Regional Transportation," I feel strongly that it will affect all of the above categories.

I urge DRCOG to vote NO on any tollway or other proposed expansion of SH 93 between Golden and Boulder ! ! ! I have driven that route for nearly 30 years -> While it is not necessarily ideal for rush hour traffic, bad-weather driving, etc., almost any current expansion plans submitted by JeffCo, Arvada, or anybody else with obvious real-estate ambitions would certainly make the overall situation worse ... !

Please keep in mind the following before allowing these robber barons to ruin one of the last relatively undisturbed pieces of wilderness this close to Metro Denver:
  • worst effects of Peak Oil are coming, and will arrive much sooner than the worst effects of Global Warming will. Expanding any roads will only result in more white-elephant monuments to our car-centered culture and SHORT-TERM THINKING!
  • ite the relatively unspoiled wilderness in this area, we have created a "permanent" hazard (at least for the next few million years) at Rocky Flats. Expanding SH 93 will lead to more development along the corridor. More development along the corridor will lead to more development in the Rocky Flats area. And more development at Rocky Flats WILL lead to huge health & safety problems for all who live & work there.
  • Building a highway through Golden will cause irreparable harm to that community through pollution, re-assertion of cars as a top priority, and continued sprawl up against the mountains.
  • Expanding highways is the purest form of suburban sprawl. Communities like Arvada, Broomfield, Westminster, et. al. must consider more sustainable (and NON-sprawling!) forms of development before pinning their hopes to this pipe dream.
  • One need only look to the Northwest Parkway US 36 & I-25 as a classic example of how NOT to build & manage a highway -> PLEASE don't let anybody in Metro Denver repeat this same mistake!
I appreciated the long-term sustainable thinking that DRCOG and my fellow attendees displayed at those Metro Vision workshops over the summer. Please continue that thinking by voting NO on expanding SH 93 into a toll road!

Thank You Very Much for your time and consideration. I will be watching these developments closely.
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