Comment By Jeff  Mitchell
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I am strongly against the proposed Jefferson Parkway toll road and would ask the DRCOG to not include the initial (or any subsequent) proposal that supports this idea in the regional transportation plan. The proposal as it stands is illogical with no obvious positive outcome. Repeated studies have shown this to be an ineffective and very expensive solution that would only benefit a very small population of developers while doing nothing to actually improve transportation in the NW corridor for the people who live, play, and work there. Reasonable and well thought out improvements to the existing SH 93 corridor, such as proposed by the city of Golden, City of Boulder, and Boulder Co, are the prudent course of action to improve traffic throughput while maintaining the natural beauty and appeal of one of the last undeveloped gems of the greater metro area. Please vote against inclusion of the tollway proposal in the regional plan. Thank you.
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