Comment By Cory Constituent
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I am asking you to have Vision as our leaders on the Denver Regional Council of Governments regarding including the Beltway in the 2015 and 2035 plans. Your decision requires Courage and Vision given many sectors of our economy currently depend on continuing and increasing automobile use - think tires, think auto dealers, think paving companies, think parts distributors, etc. Building additional road capacity will do nothing to encourage an increase in movement and exercise that is desperately needed in the U.S. in order to resolve some of the health issues (think diabetes, think obesity) that are taking our health system and economy down in rapid fashion. For this reason, I ask you for Vision when making your decision whether to include the Beltway in the 2015 and 2035 Plans. William Ray, Jr., in a letter to Steve Rudy of DRCOG argued that additional road capacity will be needed for "...our collective children and grandchildren..." Why are we talking about building ungreen roads in the interests of our children and grandchildren? Further, why are we talking about building ungreen roads to connect, as Bill Ray stated, a link from "NREL to Weld County and CSU where other renewable energy research is located"? Logically, going forward, we should be building "green" transportation routes to connect our green and renewable energy research centers. I encourage each of you to Walk the Talk With Vision when making your decision whether to include the Beltway in the 2015 and 2035 Plans. In a letter to DRCOG, William Ray, Jr., aruges that "...the Jefferson Parkway has a reasonable prospect for funding with private sector dollars." The proponents of FasTracks told us that funding would be no problem. The opponents told us the number projections were way off. There is Wisdom to be gained from how FasTracks has played out. We have ongoing national debates about reducing our dependence on foreign oil for National Security reasons and also about the fact that oil is a limited natural resource. Are we now going to build additional road capacity that will only need to be expanded over time for cars and all things oil-consuming? I am again asking you for Vision and Wisdom. One of the many national debates currently going is whether or not it is wise to have large sums of American debt held by other countries, namely China at this point. Given our current debt ratios and economic situation, is there Wisdom in increasing American debt and interests held by foreign companies by funding a "public-private roadway" with foreign dollars? Courage and Vision are imperative when you make this decision on behalf of the citizens of Colorado.
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