Comment By James Sheridan
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment I strongly oppose the current plan for the Jefferson Parkway. There are several reasons for my opposition. One reason is the financial cost and risk to taxpayers for a toll road. Several studies and media articles report on bankrupt tolling projects which ultimately result in very significant costs to taxpayers. Many residents may continue to use alternatives including SH-93 and SH-128. Another reason is the Jefferson Parkway toll road does not provide improvement or increased safety to traffic flow on SH-93 between Golden and Boulder, or at least encourage such a goal. Typically, increased congestion of surrounding roads is required by the tolling authority/bondholders. This will result in a loss of quality of life for residents of Jefferson County. In addition, those who cannot afford to drive this type of a toll road will be negatively impacted by reduced access in the region. In summary, I am opposed to this plan for the Jefferson Parkway and encourage you to vote NO in order to encourage others to advocate a better plan without toll funding. Thank you. Sincerely, James Sheridan
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