Comment By Julie Gleason
For Regional Transportation Plan
Comment DRCOG should vote NO to amend the Regional Transportation Plan that proposes to connect the Jefferson Parkway to state roads SH93 to SH128. A toll road is a very bad idea, for many reasons. 1) It will not alleviate congestion on Hwy 93 -- who will pay for a toll road when there is a free highway? 2) Toll roads include non-competes and increase congestion on other streets. 3) Current toll roads in Colorado are not economically viable. 4) It does not solve a traffic problem. I drive from Golden to the Jeffco airport area every day, and the most congestion is from Golden to Boulder. This wouldn't solve that issue. 5) It will go through a corner of Rocky Flats, and it will also spur development near Rocky Flats. Keep in mind that 6 ft underground there is ZERO MITIGATION of hazardous waste in Rocky Flats. NPR did a story on this within the past year. Comprehensive testing needs to be done for underground contaminants. The Cities of Golden and Boulder have put together a comprehensive plan to improve existing arterials. Please do what is in the interest of the general public, instead of what is in the interest of a few developers.
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