Meeting Materials

Presentations, agendas, recordings and other meeting materials from Metro Vision Issues Committee and Board of Directors meetings are posted here the business day after the meeting--please click on the name of the meeting to access the audio and video files. These materials are also available through the event calendar, as are agendas and materials from other meetings.

Date Title Materials
August 16, 2017 Board of Directors August_16_2017_Board_Agenda.pdf, 20-23 TIP Set-Asides presentation.pdf, CDOT Rail Studies presentation.pdf, Denver Vision Zero presentation.pdf
August 2, 2017 Board Work Session August 2 Work Session Agenda.pdf
July 19, 2017 Board of Directors July 2017 Board of Directors Agenda.pdf, B2-CDOT Freight Presentation.pdf, Bike_To_Work_Day_2017.pdf, RTO Improvement Program Recommendations.pdf
July 5, 2017 Board Work Session
June 21, 2017 Board of Directors
June 7, 2017 Board Work Session June 7 2017 Board Work Session Agenda.pdf, Regional-Subregional Targets presentation-BWS June 2017.pdf, ROI Approach presentation-BWS June 2017.pdf
May 17, 2017 Board of Directors May 17 2017 Board of Directors Agenda.pdf, Introduction_to-AHC DRCOG.pdf
May 3, 2017 Board Work Session May_3_2017_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf
April 19, 2017 Board of Directors April 19 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda.pdf, 2040 MVRTP presentation - April 2017.pdf
April 5, 2017 Board Work Session
March 15, 2017 Board of Directors March 15 2017 Board of Directors Agenda.pdf
March 1, 2017 Board Work Session 2017_March_1_Board_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf, UGB Guidance_March_2017.pdf
February 15, 2017 Board of Directors Feb 15 2017 Board Agenda.pdf, Feb 2017 Board Presentation Control Forecast Update.pdf
February 1, 2017 Board Work Session Feb 1 2017 Board Work Session.pdf
January 18, 2017 Board of Directors Jan_18_2017_Board_Agenda_CG_Edits.pdf
January 10, 2017 Development Classification System Improvements Meeting Presentation_01-10.pdf, Issue_Status.pdf
January 4, 2017 Board Work Session REVISED_Public_Review_Draft_CLEAN_Jan_4_Work_Session.pdf, REVISED_Public_Review_Draft_REDLINE_Jan_4_Work_Session.pdf, Jan_4_2017_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf
December 7, 2016 Board of Directors December 7 2016 DRCOG Board of Directors Agenda.pdf
November 16, 2016 Public hearing on the Metro Vision plan 2016_Metro_Vision_Public_Review_DRAFT.pdf
November 15, 2016 Development Classification System Improvements Meeting Presentation_11-15.pdf, Mapping Rules Cheat Sheet.pdf, Metro Vision 2035 Growth and Development Supplement (GDS).pdf
November 2, 2016 Board Work Session November_2_2016_DRCOG_Board_Work_Session_Agenda_ce.pdf
October 20, 2016 A region on the move: perspectives on living and working near transit Agenda.pdf, NRC_Presentation.pdf, Transit_Alliance_Presentation.pdf, JLL_Presentation.pdf
October 5, 2016 Board Work Session October 5 2015 Board Work Session Agenda comment enabled.pdf
September 21, 2016 Board of Directors September_21_2016_Board_agenda_comment_enabled.pdf
September 7, 2016 Board Work Session